Tropic Thunder

Kevin Sandusky (Jay Baruchel) Bloodied Uniform

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Kevin Sandusky’s (Jay Baruchel) Bloodied Uniform from Ben Stiller’s 2008 war comedy, Tropic Thunder. In the film, a rag-tag group of actors are dropped into the jungles of the Golden Triangle to shoot a movie guerrilla style. Unfortunately for them, the locals are a heroin-manufacturing gang known as 'Flaming Dragon' and they aren't shooting blanks. This costume is used after Sandusky is pulled from the wreckage of a truck after it explodes, and is carried to the helicopter by Portnoy (Jack Black).

This costume includes a shirt, pants, jacket, boots, and a black cloth belt, all of which have undergone heavy distressing by production to help sell Sandusky’s extensive injuries. There are several intentional tears throughout the costume, generally with the surrounding fabric dyed red from stage blood. In addition the blood effects and tears, there are also several portions of the uniform made to look partly singed by the truck explosion.

Included with this piece are two wardrobe tags detailing the scene numbers the costume was used in. The jacket and pants both feature sizing tags reading “Small Long”, with a size Small t-shirt while the Altama brand boots are unlabeled. Both the jacket and pants feature “Sandusky” written in black marker by production. Though some portions of the costume have hardened from dried stage blood, the costume remains in great, production used condition.

Item size - 18" x 8" x 18" (45.72cm x 20.32cm x 45.72cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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