Tropic Thunder

Jeff Portnoy’s (Jack Black) Distressed Vietnamese Tunic

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Jeff Portnoy’s (Jack Black) distressed Vietnamese tunic from Ben Stiller’s 2008 war comedy, Tropic Thunder. The film follows Tugg Speedman (Stiller) as he and Hollywood’s most expensive cast try desperately to stay alive when their war epic gets to be a little too real.

This style costume is worn by Portnoy when, having infiltrated the Vietnamese drug lord’s camp, he demands the clothes off a poor, old woman’s back. Portnoy wears this style wardrobe throughout the final battle, though a Tropic Thunder costume tag included with the piece notes that this particular tunic was used in scenes after the truck explosion sequence. The tags also indicate it's possible use by an uncredited stuntman, Jimmy Waltman.

This tunic is made from heavy, threaded black fabric. Tribal design accents are sewn onto the sleeves, waist, and lower portion of the garment, with red, snaking fabric on the breast area, which features small, metallic buttons. The bottom of the tunic ends in multicolored fringe stemming from the ornate designs above. The left side of the waist segment features a concealed piece of Velcro, likely added to make the costume easier to remove on set.

This tunic has been production distressed with tears in the fabric and is splattered in mud, following the truck explosion during the films climax and includes a production wardrobe tag explaining the wear. Custom-made for production, this tunic features no sizing information, but remains in good, production used condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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