Talbott's Diner Menu and Benton County Sheriff's Decal

Stock #132061

Talbott's Diner Menu and a Benton County Sheriff's decal from Patrick Lussier's Halloween horror film Trick. In the film, a mass murderer haunts a small town every Halloween and is believed to be the young man who killed his classmates years prior and escaped.

Menus can be seen in Talbott's Diner when Denver (Omar Epps) and Cheryl (Kristina Reyes) are sitting in a booth talking about the approach of Halloween and the fear of another Trick return. The laminated menu features the name and logo of the establishment on top, and has detailed descriptions of entrées, sides and desserts throughout. Benton County Sheriffs and Sheriff vehicles all feature the Benton County Sheriffs badge symbol. The decal is a shield in shape, has the words Benton County Sheriff's Dept. in yellow lettering, and the department's symbol and sheriff star just underneath.

These items show signs of wear from production use but remain in overall good condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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