Breakaway First Class Dining Room Plate

Stock #75323

An unbroken 'breakaway' First Class dinner plate used in the 1997 James Cameron Oscar winning epic Titanic.

This fictionalised tale follows the tragic story of 17-year-old aristocrat Rose Dawson Calvert (Kate Winslet) who falls in love with poor artist (Leonardo DiCaprio) aboard the HMS Titanic on its maiden voyage. They pursue a brief but intense romance in the face of classism and the inevitable fate of the ship.

These unique pieces were created especially for the scenes where the ship is sinking and stacks of these plates can be seen falling off shelves and smashing, as well as moments such as Cal's (Billy Zane) outrage towards Rose (Kate Winslet) and her previous night's escapades. The plate is made from plaster which enabled it to smash easily for an effective cinematic shot. This plate was one of the lucky few that wasn't smashed on set.

Painted white, it features a finely detailed gold filigree pattern inlaid with turquoise - this repeats around the edge of the central area where it recesses from the lip. A gold and red White Star Line crest adorns the centre of the plate. It is a similar size to a modern sideplate.

The plate has been heavily distressed and aged for production, but does not show any cracking and is in fair overall production-used condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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