Unused 'Icarus II' Grey T-Shirt

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”Hey Capa, we’re only stardust.”

An unused 'Icarus II' grey t-shirt from the production of the 2007 Danny Boyle sci-fi thriller Sunshine.

Set in the year 2057, Capa (Cillian Murphy) and a team of astronauts are sent to ‘reboot’ the sun with a nuclear device after it begins to fail, putting Earth into an ice age. When a signal is picked up from their predecessor, the Icarus I, they set course for the lost ship to find out what happened to her crew and why her mission failed.

This grey airtex t-shirt has an ‘Icarus II’ embroidered badge on the front at the bottom. This style of t-shirt was made for the crew to wear but cannot be seen clearly in the final cut of the film.

Materials: Man-Made Woven Fibres.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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