Sucker Punch

Sweet Pea's (Abbie Cornish) Sheathed Stunt Broadsword

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Sweet Pea's (Abbie Cornish) Sheathed Stunt Broadsword from the 2011 Zach Snyder action fantasy film, Sucker Punch.

Sweet Pea carries a broadsword as one of her main sidearms, and it can be seen throughout the film in a sheath on her back. Additionally, Sweet Pea wields her broadsword in a deleted scene that can be found on the home-release of the film, where she fights a hoard of Orcs during a fantasy sequence.

This item has been cast in one piece and designed to be worn on the actress' back. Due to it's singular lightweight construction, the sword cannot separate from the sheath.

This piece is made from dense foam around a metal support beam that runs through the center. The grip and body of the sheath have been painted black, while the tip of the sheath, guard, and pommel have been painted silver. The support beam holds this piece intact, the blade is not secured in place where it meets the guard, and is capable of swivelling out of alignment (see photos).

This item measures 1" x 37" x 6" (3cm x 94cm x 15cm) and features wear due to production use, including marks to the paint and a gap between the blade and the guard (see photos), however it remains in reasonably good condition.

Item size - 37" x 1" x 6" (93.98cm x 2.54cm x 15.24cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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