Storyteller, The

The True Bride Script

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A script from the Jim Henson-produced television series The Storyteller. In the episode “The True Bride”, the ninth episode of the first season, The Storyteller (John Hurt) tells the story of Anja (Jane Horrocks), a girl taken by an evil troll (Alun Armstrong) and her wish for a happier life.

Bound with a metal script clip, the script is dated 3rd February 1988 and is credited to Anthony Minghella with director Peter Smith credited at the bottom. The name ‘Dennis Bovington’ (uncredited for the production) has been written in blue pen on the top right corner and this document is marked as a revised third draft script. The script contains 21 pages of unannotated script printed on single-sided A4 orange paper.

The cover page of the script features some stains and light crease lines from use. The metal script clip also shows signs of corrosion, staining the back pages. However, in spite of this wear the script remains in very good production-used condition.

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