Stargate SG-1 (TV Series)

Alien Prisoner Suspension Device

Stock #101947

This is an alien suspension device from the popular science fiction show Stargate SG-1. In the Season 3 episode “Foothold,” the Stargate crew is seen sleeping while suspended from the ceiling by these alien structures that are wrapped around their torso and over their shoulders. This blue-green structure s cast of foam and has ten tentacle-like arms that wrapped around the actor. It also has a flesh-colored center that looks like musculature and what appears to be a silver-colored bone that resembles a spine right down the front. The piece is smooth on the inside with Velcro and belt loops to help keep the appliance on as well as a groove for the chin. This appliance is in great condition and includes a Certificate of Authenticity from MGM Studios. Note that the piece you receive may differ slightly in paint job and finish to the one photographed.

Item size - 30" x 26" x 11" (76.2cm x 66.04cm x 27.94cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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