Star Wars - Ep V - The Empire Strikes Back

Phil Tippet Signature Edition Master Replicas AT-AT Walker

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Studio-scale model of an Imperial AT-AT Walker from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, created by Master Replicas in 2005 signed by ILM special effects supervisor and animator Phil Tippett.

The enormous AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transport) was a four-legged transport and combat vehicle used by the Galactic Empire to combat rebel ground troops. At 19 inches high, this impressively detailed model is number 20 of 750 made worldwide. It accurately mirrors the famous AT-ATs seen battling the Rebel Alliance on Hoth during the first part of the film.

The Walker stands in a snowscape diorama base complete with Walker footprints Luke Skywalker's crashed snowspeeder (cast directly from an ILM miniature). At the front of the diorama is a plaque signed by Phil Tippett and indicating the film title, machine title and model number. The model is protected by an acrylic dust cover.

The AT-AT is comprised of more than 230 separate parts. Its head and body are cast from high-quality resin, while many of its smaller parts have been crafted from injection-moulded plastic. The legs are made from solid thermo-plastics and die-cast metal.

Despite a small strut missing from the front right foot (inside), the model is in excellent condition, showing no signs of wear or staining. The baseplate and plaque are in similarly excellent condition. While there are some fingerprints and light marks, the acrylic dust cover also remains in very good condition. Two spare parts are included in a separate envelope – a curved body part and a laser cannon, both made from metal. It is not clear whether these are part of the AT-AT or whether they have come away from the main model.

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