Star Wars - Ep IV - A New Hope

Replica Darth Vader Helmet

Stock #95506

A replica Darth Vader helmet from George Lucas' sci-fi classic Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope. Crafted by eFX, the piece is made from an original mold cast by special effects creator Rick Baker.

Part of eFX's "Legend" edition, the replica is made of fiberglass and is finished in shades of black and gunmetal. The helmet also features some of the original helmet weathering, such as a C-shaped scar and visible wear on one of the helmet's sensors. The piece also includes an autographed plaque signed by the original sculptor of the Darth Vader helmet Brian Muir. Numbered 120 of a worldwide edition side of 364, the piece comes with assembly pieces to display the helmet. A print featuring Darth Vader looming over the Death Star is also included with the set.

Though the piece has been opened, the original helmet and display packaging is included and remains in overall very good condition.

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