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"You know what they say: a doctor who treats himself has a p'TaH for a patient. "

A Varro costume from Season Five of science fiction TV series Star Trek: Voyager.

Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) is the captain of a starship lost in space that must travel across an unexplored region of the galaxy to find its way back home. The crew encounters different species as they travel, and all their adventures make them long for home. In Season 5 Episode 17, Voyager meets a group of xenophobic nomads, in space for 400 years, with serious ship-wide malfunctions. This offer to help leads to serious consequences. Straitlaced Ensign Kim (Garrett Wang) gets entangled in a forbidden romance.

This costume consists of two parts, a long stretchy zip-up black jumpsuit with built in shoe-covers at the bottom, secured by a Lycra strap; and a brown and black stretchy ribbed top. Label in the jacket and the jumpsuit say 'Jerry Starkand,' an uncredited supporting artist who played a minor Varro official. The shoe coverings display some signs of wear but overall this piece is in good production-used condition.

Materials: Cotton, Man-Made Woven Fibres, Ferrous Metals, Plastic.

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