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Spock's (Leonard Nimoy) science officer costume from Gene Roddenberry's sci-fi television series Star Trek: The Original Series. This costume was worn exclusively by Spock in the second season, and screen matches the tunic worn in episodes "The Ultimate Computer" and "The Omega Glory", based on the placement and stitching of the Science Division patch.

The costume comprises a blue velour tunic and a pair of black fabric trousers. The tunic features a pair of faux-gold rank braids on both sleeves, indicating the rank of First Officer, and has a Starfleet science patch made of reflective faux-gold material with black embroidery affixed to the left breast. The collar is made of a loose-weave black fabric and would have featured hook closures, which were removed some time during or after use on the production. The collar has lost most of its elasticity due to age, which is common in such costumes. The zipper fitted along the left side - used by actors to get into the tunics and commonly known to fail through use - has been removed, and the seam for the zipper stitched closed.

The trousers feature Velcro strips on the side, rear and on the right-hand pocket for attaching communicators and phasers during wear, a trait seen only in the costumes of principal characters. Both garments were uniquely tailored for Nimoy in the role of Spock, with side-stitching used to reduce the size of the tunic's chest; some of this side-stitching has come away over time. The bottom cuffs of the trousers were modified for use in Rodenberry's unproduced sequel series Star Trek: Phase II, and the tunic displays some light fading. The name "Nimoy" is handwritten on the interior of the trousers' left pocket. Acquired directly from Paramount Studios during the early 1990s, and offered with original Paramount Archives wardrobe tags, the costume remains in very good overall condition.

£50,000 - 70,000 M

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