Star Trek: Discovery

Lot # 56: 'Calypso' (Star Trek: Short Treks, 102)/'Forget Me Not' (Star Trek: Discovery, 304) - Four U.S.S. Discovery Popcorn Boxes

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Four U.S.S. Discovery popcorn boxes from the episodes 'Calypso' (102) of Star Trek: Short Treks and 'Forget Me Not' (304) of Star Trek: Discovery. Craft (Aldis Hodge) enjoys a box of popcorn while watching a movie with Discovery's then-sentient computer Zora (Annabelle Wallis) and the U.S.S. Discovery crew eats popcorn from boxes while watching a movie in the shuttlebay. The plastic boxes feature white interiors, gray vertical-striped exteriors, and the U.S.S. Discovery logo on two of four sides. They are in good overall condition with some wear from production, including scuffing and paint peeling.

Dimensions: 9.5" x 4" x 4" (24.1 cm x 10.2 cm x 10.2 cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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