Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams

Grandfather’s (Ricardo Montalban) Hero Copter Wheelchair Super Sale II 50% Off

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Grandfather's (Ricardo Montalban) Hero Copter Wheelchair from the 2002 family film Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams. In this installment of the Spy Kids trilogy, the kids are in trouble and the parents attempt a rescue; but much to the chagrin of son-in-law Gregorio (Antonio Banderas), his wife's parents are coming along for the ride. Grandfather rides around in a wheelchair, but for the adventure he fashions it into a flying copter. This wheelchair is custom made of aluminum and machined plastic, with leather armrests and chairback. There are springs behind the chairback which support the chair while protecting an electrical box. This electrical box contains mechanics which control two propellers that extend out of each wheel. The propellers have wooden blades and are controlled by gears and wires fed through the wheel axle to the back of the chair where an air supply powers the propellers' spinning. There is a power cord connected to the electrical box which can be plugged into any AC power supply. The wheelchair stands 36" (91cm) tall, and measures approximately 45" (114cm) long and 26" (66cm) wide.

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