Sergeant Chen's (Louis Ozawa Changchien) Military Fatigues

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Sergeant Chen's (Louis Ozawa Changchien) military fatigues from the 2016 sci-fi action film Spectral. In the film, a team of special ops soldiers are sent to fight a race of beings with ghost-like qualities. Chen wears his fatigues with Alpha Team while he's in the field throughout the film. The costume consists of a jacket, shirt, undershirt and pants and set of dog tags.

Made of a cotton blend, the long-sleeve shirt is a size medium (M), made by Propper and is marked "Chen" in the shirt's interior collar. The grey undershirt is made by Fruit of the Loom and is a size large (L). The camouflage jacket is has a zipper and Velcro fasteners and is a size medium (M). The pants are also made of a cotton blend and feature a camouflage pattern, nylon belt and Oakley caribeaner. The pants are also labelled "Chen #12" and "Stunt". Both the pants and jacket feature a single elbow pad and knee pad though the remaining pads from each are missing. The dog tags are made of engraved metal and feature Chen's name, blood type and religion and are fastened to a ball chain necklace.

The costume shows signs of wear from production use, but it remains in good overall condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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