Space Above & Beyond

M70 Handgun with Holster

Stock #75228

A M70 pistol and holster from the 1995 TV series Space: Above and Beyond.

This style of pistol was used throughout the series by the Wildcards and the grunts of the United States Marine Corps as they do battle with the alien race known as the “Chigs”.

Based on the Glock 17L pistol, the M70s issued to USMC troops were dressed up with prop scopes, frame components, an extended flash hider and an under-barrel torch. This stunt pistol bears all the hallmarks of the series M70 sidearms and is made of combination of resin and hard rubber, with the main body of the pistol and scope painted black and the frame components finished in olive drab. The holster is made of fibreglass with a metal plate on the rear for additional support and rigidity. A strap running across the top of the holster secures the pistol in place when being carried on a Marine’s belt. The holster is finished in black.

The pistol is missing the barrel, exposing the threaded rod at the front and displays paint wear. There are some scratches and tape residue present on the holster’s metal plate. However, in spite of this wear, the weapon remains in a very good condition.

Materials: Resin, Rubber, Ferrous Metals.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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