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Lucian Alliance Uniform

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”That man’s a lot of work.”

A Lucian Alliance uniform from the Stargate spinoff series, Stargate Universe (2009-2011).

A group of soldiers and civilians find themselves trapped on an Ancient spaceship billions of light-years from home and must work together to get themselves back to Earth.

This costume and others like it were made for the actors playing members of the Lucian Alliance, a group of smugglers and mercenaries. The costume consists of a leather top, trousers and gloves. The top zips up on the left shoulder and has a ‘6’ handwritten inside it. The trousers are made by ‘Danier’ and are a US 6/UK 10/F 38/IT 40. They have an elasticated waistband and a zip down one side at the hip. The gloves are size 'M'.

The costume has been intentionally distressed to appear well worn and used, with scuffing and scratches, but it remains in an otherwise excellent condition.

Materials: Leather, Ferrous Metals, Man-Made Woven Fibres.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

This item is on consignment and is sold under the margin scheme for collector's items; no VAT is due.
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