Sgt. Bilko

Col. John T. Hall's (Dan Aykroyd) Army Uniform

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“All right, you've seen real soldiers before, just... do what they do!”

An army jacket, trousers, shirt, belt and tie worn by Col. John T. Hall (Dan Aykroyd) in Jonathan Lynn’s 1996 comedy classic Sgt. Bilko.

Good natured trickster and army sergeant, Ernest Bilko (Martin) oversees the Motor Pool at an Army Base run by clueless Col. John T. Hall (Dan Aykroyd). When an old enemy, Major Colin Thorn (Phil Hartman) shows up and threatens to move in on both Bilko’s position and his ever patient fiancée Rita (Glenne Headly), it’s time for Bilko and his team to take action.

Hall can be seen wearing this uniform in several scenes in the film. The uniform consists of an army green jacket, grey shirt, tie, belt and a pair of trousers. There are several custom-made army insignia, badges and medals adhered to both sides of the jacket, including a sharpshooter badge and a combat infantry man badge. There is also a name badge showing the name of the character ‘Hall.’

The jacket features gold coloured buttons and epaulettes on the shoulders and has a label on the inner pocket stating that the jacket was ‘styled and tailored exclusively for Mr. Dan Ackroyd.’ The uniform was made by DeRossi & Son. The button down shirt has official US army epaulettes on the shoulders, and the trousers feature a black belt with gold coloured buckle and black strips down the outer sides of both legs. The trousers are a size 44 long.

All pieces are in excellent production-used condition.

Materials: Man-Made Woven Fibres, Ferrous Metals, Leather.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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