Roswell (TV series)

Isabel (Katherine Heigl) and Jesse (Adam Rodriguez) Wedding Photo

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"Whoever sent us down here was smart, you know? Because they sent us together, and as long as we stick together, we're gonna make it."

Isabel (Katherine Heigl) and Jesse’s (Adam Rodriguez) wedding photo from Jason Katims’ sci-fi series Roswell (1999-2002).

The series tells the story of three young aliens who crashed down in Roswell, New Mexico, and who live disguised as human teens.

This photo is of Isabel and Jesse at their wedding in season three. The picture features the pair in all their finery and is presented in a golden frame. It has a stand at the back so it can sit vertically. The picture has very little wear and remains in an excellent condition.

Materials: Card, Paper, Wood, Ferrous Metals.

Item size - 11.81" x 9.84" x 0.79" (30cm x 25cm x 2cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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