Roseanne (T.V. Series) (1990s)

Dan Conner's (John Goodman) Halloween Tuxedo Ensemble

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Dan Conner's (John Goodman) Halloween tuxedo ensemble from the family sitcom Roseanne. The costume consists of powder blue tuxedo After Six jacket, matching powder blue tuxedo trousers, white Dalton tuxedo shirt, clip on black bow tie and black cummerbund. The jacket is made of nubby blue polyester and is elaborately hand-decorated with fake spider webs, moss, dirt and bugs and a rubber worm to make it appear as if Dan is freshly risen from the dead. The shirt is a cotton/ polyester blend and is also hand-decorated with fake dirt and bugs. The tux trousers have a belted waistband and blue stripe-down the legs. Both cummerbund and bow tie are black satin and are adjustable. The entire ensemble is intentionally aged and dirtied for production and covered in fake moss, bugs and webs and is in very fine, production-used condition overall.

In the episode ‘Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down!’ (406), Dan wears his Halloween tuxedo when he and Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) perform a standup routine as Deadgar Bergen and his dummy, Mortuary Snerd, a play on famous ventriloquist-dummy duo Edgar Bergen and Mortimer Snerd. The series was well known for its Halloween episodes.

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