Red Planet

Chantilas' (Terence Stamp) Space Suit

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Chantilas’ (Terence Stamp) spacesuit from Antony Hoffman’s science fiction film Red Planet. After having a critical failure during landing on Mars, a crew must find a solution to being stranded on the desolate planet. Chantilas is seen wearing his spacesuit as he and his fellow crew members crash land on Mars.

This suit is made from a synthetic fabric which is a pearlescent blue/purple color based on which angle it is viewed from. Portions of the suit are fabricated with resin pieces to appear as though it is metal components. The suit consists of gloves, arm pieces, boots, and a lower helmet portion. Chantilas’ name is attached to the suit in the form of a name bar and a metal ring is present on the chest for air supply. Each arm piece connects to the suit via a hidden zipper and an extra set is included. The lower portions of the legs are fashioned with resin pieces. Each boot is custom made for the production and is fashioned with resin pieces that cover the toes. The lower helmet portion is made from resin, features metal piping, and has Velcro adhered internally for attachment to the rest of the costume. This piece is labeled internally with ‘Baker,’ for actor Simon Baker who played the character of Pettengil. Finally, a cooling vest, which was used for actor comfort, is included with this set.

This costume shows signs of wear from use and age, including chips to the paint throughout, but remains in overall good condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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