Lot #570 - Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction - Stunt Flamethrower

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This lot will be sold on Wednesday 2nd December (day 2 of the auction.) Lots 464-913 will be sold on day 2 (lots 1-463 will be sold on day 1). The auction will begin at 2:00 pm GMT. Lots are sold sequentially so there is no preset ending time. A live streaming broadcast of the auction will be available on auction days.

A stunt flamethrower from Ridley Scott's sci-fi prequel Prometheus. The crew of the Prometheus landed on the distant moon LV-223 to search for evidence of an alien culture. To the surprise of the Weyland-hired scientists, mercenaries on board the ship brought a number of flamethrowers to the seemingly dead planet. These weapons were used by Vickers (Charlize Theron) on the infected Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green), and by Janek (Idris Elba) on the mutated Fifield (Sean Harris).

The flamethrower is made predominantly of foam rubber, with a metal hose, a rubber nozzle, and a resin frame connected to the trigger. It is hand-painted to resemble metal and the larger of its two fuel tanks is decorated on each side with a "Weyland Enterprises" logo sticker. The flamethrower has some wear from production use and age. The trigger handle is covered with a dried, white, unidentified substance. Dimensions: 99 cm x 22 cm x 35 cm (39" x 8 1/2" x 13 3/4")

Estimate: £2,000 - 3,000 M

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

This item is on consignment and is sold under the margin scheme for collector's items; no VAT is due.
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