Prince Valiant

Camelot Soldier's Armour Plates

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A set of armour plates used in the production of the 1997 action-adventure film Prince Valiant. When the lowly squire Valiant (Stephen Moyer) masquerades as his lord, Sir Gawain (Anthony Hickox), he soon finds himself dragged into a war between Camelot and the Vikings. Valiant is charged with finding the lost sword Excalibur, but can he rescue Princess Ilene (Katherine Heigl) as well before it's too late?

This set of armour plates was used by one of Camelot's soldiers, both within Camelot and during their escort of the Princess Ilene. The armour is made of fibreglass which has been impregnated with aluminium powder to give it a shiny metallic finish. The set is composed of a chest and back plate, which are secured with leather straps, a pair of shoulder lobster plates, upper and lower armour plates, elbow plates, a pair of plates to protect the hips and plating for the thighs and knees. Various plates are secured together using leather laces, while others use wider strapping with brass buckles.

Some of the pieces have been damaged through use, with cracks and wear to the finish and some damage to fastenings. However, in spite of this wear, the set remains in an overall good condition. There are no sizes marked.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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