Piranha 3DD

SFX "Ass Attack" Fish

Stock #25716

This is an SFX "ass attack" fish from the 2012 horror-comedy sequel, Piranha 3DD. This style fish was used to create the effect in the film where an unlucky victim has a piranha eat it's way through his back entrance. Crafted out of silicone, this item features the back section of the fish minus the head with an attached metal rod and string.

The fish has a highly detailed, scale painted exterior with dried fake blood at the front; the metal rod has a large curve which was used to go between the actor's legs and give the effect of being embedded inside the victim. Additionally, the back fin of the fish features a long thin section of wire attached, which would have been used in production for making the piranha move and come to life.

This fish measures approximately 7" x 4" (18cm x 10cm), with the rod extending approximately 23" from the front of the piece, and is in good, production distressed condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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