Piranha 3DD

Rod Mounted Baby Piranha

Stock #25861

A rod mounted baby piranha with mechanical jaw from the 2012 horror-comedy sequel, Piranha 3DD. This particular puppet was used throughout the film for numerous swimming shots of the piranhas as they wreak havoc throughout the new water park.

Crafted from silicone, this item features a highly detailed, scale painted exterior; with a gradating blue, green and yellow color scheme, as well as red accents around the gills and fins and an open mouth filled with pointed silicone teeth.

Additionally, a metal rod runs through the fish's center, extending approximately 33" (84cm) out the bottom side. This rod would have been used during filming by a puppeteer to control the fish's movement on screen. A lone cable extends from the fish interior to a cable control lever, which when manipulated, moves the bottom jaw of the piranha, giving it an added level of realism.

This piranha measures approximately 4" x 9" (10cm x 23cm) and features some light wear due to production use, but remains in good condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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