Nate (DaVone McDonald) Silicone Bust

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A silicone bust of Nate (DaVone McDonald) from Carlos Torren's 2016 psychological thriller Pet. When Seth (Dominic Monaghan) runs into his old crush Holly (Ksenia Solo) he quickly becomes obsessed with her and kidnaps her, locking her up in the basement of the animal shelter where he works.

This piece was made for the scene in which Nate discovers the captive Holly and attempts to help her before Seth kills him and smashes his head with a cinder block. This bust is made of silicone and rests on a hard foam base. The piece has been painted with detail and features faux facial hair on the appliance's face and a curly-haired wig rests upon the head. The bust shows some signs of of stage blood leftover from production along the base bottom and back of the head.

The back of the head also has a large crack with open flaps made from the production, but the bust remains in great overall condition.

Item size - 12" x 21" x 19" (30.48cm x 53.34cm x 48.26cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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