Pacific, The (2010 Television Series)

Lewis 'Chesty' Puller's (William Sadler) USMC Costume Super Sale 10% Off

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Lewis "Chesty" Puller's (William Sadler) US Costume from the 2010 TV mini-series The Pacific. Based off of a collection of memoirs, the series follows a group of marines as they endure the horrors of World War II while serving in Japan.

Chesty wears his USMC costume throughout the series. The costume consists of a green jacket, undershirt, green pants, gaiters and a pair of boots. The green jacket and pants are both made of green cotton material, with the jacket featuring the letters "USMC" and the U.S. Marine Corps. emblem on the left breast pocket. The jacket is noted as a size M and the pants as a size 32. The white undershirt is made of cotton and the gaiters made of canvas. The boots are also noted as a size 10. Also included are boxer shorts and a camouflage helmet cover.

A set of production tags is also included along with the costume that note the costume as being used for various scenes in episode 5. The costume shows signs of production-made wear, such as stage blood is also featured along the jacket's left arm, but it remains in good overall condition.

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