My Science Project

Ape Man Gloves and Test Head

Stock #23421

A set of original ape wardrobe gloves and test head made for the production of the 1985 sci-fi comedy My Science Project. Past, present and future collide in a whirling vortex which engulfs the school and only Michael (John Stockwell) and his friends can stop it.

The palm-less set of gloves are molded out of urethane and feature long dark and golden strands of hair attached to the top alongside a strip of Velcro, which would have been used during filming to attach the gloves to the ape's body suit. Also included with the wardrobe pieces is a production made test head. The test head is made out of urethane over a foam core and has been painted and detailed to appear ape like, with defined facial features, jagged resin teeth and a thick mane of brown hair.

Unfortunately, the eyes have become loose and one has become completely detached from the cavity. Both gloves and head feature wear from production use and age but overall remain in fair condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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