Mission To Mars

Woody Blake's (Tim Robbins) NASA Utility Belt

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A NASA Thigh Utility Belt from the 2000 sci-fi drama Mission to Mars. In the film, a group of NASA astronauts are performing scientific tests on the surface of Mars when they are met with a mysterious and catastrophic disaster. Hoping that one member of the party may have survived, NASA assembles a team led by Jim McConnell (Gary Sinise) to perform a rescue mission.

Woody Blake (Tim Robbins) can be seen using a utility belt like this one to attempt to tether himself with the spacecraft. The belt is made of canvass and fitted with Velcro straps to fix the belt around the user’s thigh. On one side of the belt are three metal discs which house retractable chords. These chords are equipped with clips that attach them to suction cups on the opposite side of the belt. The suction cups are held to the belt by magnet, so they can easily be pulled from the belt and attached to the target.

The belt is 12” (30 cm) long by 8” (20 cm) wide and each Velcro strap measures 8” in length. This item is in excellent, production-used condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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