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"Sometimes, in order to see the light, you have to risk the dark."

A virtual reality suit from the production of Steven Spielberg's 2002 sci-fi thriller Minority Report.

The chief of a unit responsible for a controversial new form of crime detection, Captain John Anderton (Tom Cruise) comes under fire when the PreCrime unit predict he will murder someone within 36 hours. Can Anderton break the system before the system catches up with him?

This style of suit can be seen being worn by the fantasists within the underground Washington D.C. virtual reality parlour where Anderton takes the precog Agatha (Samantha Morton). The suit is designed to be worn on the front, inducing sensations equivalent to those that they are experiencing within the virtual reality simulation.

Made of translucent rubber, the suit is lined with grey nylon strapping to allow the suit to be secured to the wearer. Fibre-optic wiring runs throughout the suit to allow it to light up when in use. Additional hoses run to inflatable bladders within the suit that create the illusion of motion and pressure during wear. A separate helmet, worn around the head, has a neck strap and a built-in silicone chin strap. Tape around the suit's wiring has a label marked Suit 5.

Displaying some signs of wear from its time in use on the film, the suit remains in overall very good production-used condition.

Materials: Man-Made Woven Fibres, Rubber, Ferrous Metals.

Please note: This item does not include a fibre optic lighting system. For fibre optic functionality, customers must supply their own light source.

As this item contains electronic components, every effort has been made to describe them accurately. However, no guarantee or warranty is made as to the functionality, lifespan or safety of those components. It is entirely incumbent on the new owner to satisfy themselves as to their safe use and maintenance.

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Item size - 25.59" x 17.72" x 13.78" (65cm x 45cm x 35cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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