Men In Black (1997)

ICONS Replica Noisy Cricket and Display

Stock #138492

An ICONS replica of Agent J’s (Will Smith) “Noisy Cricket” gun from Barry Sonnenfeld's 1997 sci-fi comedy, Men in Black. The film follows Agent J, a police officer, join the Men in Black, a secretive organization that polices alien activity on Earth, and gets partnered with the experienced Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones).

The “Noisy Cricket” is the first weapon J got after he joined the Men in Black. Initially disappointed that the gun was so tiny, he later discovered that it packs quite a punch. This detailed replica is made of metal and plastic and comes in an acrylic display case. This particular cricket and display is accompanied by an ICONS plaque noting this is issue number 558 out of 5,000. It is hand-painted in places to add extra detail and is in excellent condition.

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