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Agent Smith's (Hugo Weaving) Stunt Desert Eagle Pistol Super Sale II 20% Off

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Agent Smith's (Hugo Weaving) stunt Desert Eagle pistol from the 2003 action packed sci-fi sequel, The Matrix Reloaded. In the film, Neo (Keanu Reeves) must find a way to save the last human city of Zion from the relentless machine sentinels, while learning more about the dark origins of the Matrix.

Smith uses his pistol throughout the film. The highly detailed stunt pistol is a replica Desert Eagle made of dense rubber and would have been used by Smith when the live firing version was not required. and the serial number and manufacturers details are clearly visible. Made from dense rubber, this stunt firearm was cast from an actual Desert Eagle pistol and features original imprinted factory markings on the sides of the firearm. Stunt weapons such as this piece are commonly used for distance shots where a hero piece is not needed; they are lighter and therefore easier for the actors to handle. They are also used for stunt sequences in which the actor could possibly fall on the prop and injure themselves if they were holding the hero version. The bottom of the magazine is also labelled "R178."

The pistol shows minimal signs of wear from production use and age, but it remains in excellent condition.

Recent changes to the violent crime reduction bill mean that this particular prop can only be sold to customers who reside outside the UK. Generally speaking, it is illegal for a resident of the UK to buy this item.

Exemptions are for N.A.R.E.S registered re-enactors, public museums/galleries or use in a film, television or theatrical production. In all cases paperwork will be required to complete the sale

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Item size - 6" x 11" x 1.25" (15.24cm x 27.94cm x 3.17cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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