Bulltail Ranch Recreation Center Blueprint Set

Stock #26686

This is a set of 43 blueprint pages for the “Bulltail Ranch” recreation center located on the property. The ranch was purchased by George Lucas and converted into what is now known as Skywalker Ranch, where Lucas’ office, archives, screening rooms and sound editing rooms reside. Each page contains information on separate sections of the center such as the floor plans and building sections. This set features some hand written notes by the builders on various pages, and is stamped in red "Preliminary Not for Construction."

The most interesting pages in this set are the building elevations, which feature a full frontal view of the center as envisioned by the builders.

These blueprint plans are printed blue ink on off white paper, and are stapled together on the far left side. They have been rolled up in storage for years at ILM, and show signs of wear from use and shelf storage, but remain in overall good condition. Each page of this set measures 38” x 30” (96cm x 76cm) and contain various small rips and tears on the edges from use.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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