Lost (TV Series)

Dharma Initiative Bag Of Sweets

Stock #29783

A full bag of Dharma ‘Candy’ from the popular and mysterious US TV series LOST. Members of the Dharma Initiative only ate and drank 'Dharma' food, and all manner of food with similar Dharma branding can be seen at various points throughout the series.

The resealable plastic bag has the instantly recognisable black and white label featuring the Dharma logo and details of the bag's contents with the code DI 9FFTR731 clearly displayed. It measures approximately 20cm x 12cm (8” x 5”) and remains in very good condition with some slight wear to the bag and label through production use and storage.

Note: Though Dharma Initiative food tends to have an unbelievably long shelf life, we would not recommend trying these!

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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