Original Production Storyboard - Wide Shot of Town Square

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“I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.”

An original production storyboard from Jim Henson’s 1986 adventure fantasy film Labyrinth.

A 16-year-old girl is given 13 hours to solve a labyrinth and rescue her baby brother when her wish for him to be taken away is granted by Jareth the Goblin King (David Bowie).

Original production storyboards were used in the planning and design of scenes and shots, often showing camera movement and angles. This storyboard depicts Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), Ludo and friends in a wide shot of the town square.

The storyboard features production writing and information and is displayed in a bespoke custom frame. The original production storyboard remains in an excellent condition.

Materials: Wood, Acrylic, Paper, Card, Ferrous Metals.

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Item size - 16.54" x 11.22" x 1.18" (42cm x 28.5cm x 3cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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