King Kong (1933)

1966 Don Post King Kong Replica Figure

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This is a full size replica figure of a famous King Kong display created in 1966 at Don Post Studios. The Don Post Kong was created for use in museum exhibitions, and the one and only original figure remains on display at Movieland Wax Museum in Niagara Falls. The original Post Kong was constructed by a renowned team of Monster Experts including Don Post, Verne Langdon, John Chambers, Ellis and Tom Burman, and Marcel Delgado. Delgado is best known for working on the 1933 original King Kong film, creating the stop motion Kong models alongside animation legend Willis O’Brien. Delgado’s history with the Kong character made him an ideal designer for the Post Kong figure, and he sculpted a maquette of the figure before the build began. The production of the Post Kong figure was covered in an early issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. The article gave the figure widespread exposure, and inspired a number of young effects artists. (see the relevant scans of the article below)

This replica Kong figure has been created as an exact recreation of the figure built at Don Post Studios in 1966, and is created from the original Post Studios molds. The original fiberglass mold for the body, and stone molds for the hands still existed, and the parts for this figure were created directly from them. The original molds for the arms and teeth of the figure no longer exist, so these parts were faithfully recreated using photo reference of the original Kong figure, and a casting of the original Delgado maquette for the figure.

The Kong figure is comprised of a fiberglass body with a welded steel support structure, covered with a dense silicone skin, and realistic artificial fur that closely matches the fur of the original Post figure. The skin has been painted to match the original Post figure, and the hair has been dyed to match as well. The hair is hand-blended around the hairline, and then laid on the body surfaces of Kong

Also included is a custom made base, which features an armature that mates to Kong’s feet to allow him to stand securely. The arms are removable from the body of the figure, and the hands are removable from the arms, allowing Kong to be transported in a standard truck. The measurements of the full figure are approximately 12.5’ high with a 14' arm span. The body itself measures 5' 8" wide with the arms removed. The whole figure weighs an estimated 500 pounds. The figure will need to be assembled in its desired final position.

*Please note: Due to the size and weight of this item, shipping will require special freight services.
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