Jaws: The Revenge

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A full-size shark replica from Joseph Sargent's action-thriller sequel Jaws: The Revenge. A great white shark terrorised Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary), following her from Amity Island to the Bahamas, as revenge for her late husband (Roy Scheider) killing a fellow shark in the 1970s.

This full-size fibreglass replica was made from moulds created for Jaws: The Revenge. The shark is painted grey and white divided by a hard demarcation line, with black eyes. The mouth includes a pink tongue and gums with multiple rows of pointed white teeth. The gills and nostrils are both made of separately-cast urethane parts adhered to the fiberglass body. There is also recessed area cast into the rear underside of the shark where a supporting rig was likely intended to mount. The dorsal fin and left pectoral fin have been sawed off and will require fibreglass work to re-attach. The right pectoral fin can be plugged into place on the main body, though is not a perfect fit. The large tailfin piece and the corresponding rear area of the shark both feature smooth surfaces leaving the two unable to be joined without further modification. The shark exhibits other signs of wear, including missing teeth. The shark's jowls are made to be removable so the gums and teeth can be installed. There is also some damage to the smaller secondary fins, some small dents, and paint scuffs and chipping throughout. There are some remnants of bolted-on metal pieces, most prominently featured on the tail and pectoral fins, which were formerly used to hang the shark. Dimensions: 777.25 cm x 335.5 cm x 264.25 cm (306" x 132" x 104")

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£10,000 - 15,000 US

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