Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom

Lot # 211 - Live Auction 2017 - Chinese Pilot (Akio Mitamura) Cap, Scarf and Note from Steven Spielberg

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The Chinese pilot's (Akio Mitamura) cap and scarf, with a framed, signed note, from director Steven Spielberg's adventure sequel Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) was faced with a dilemma when Lao Che's (Roy Chiao) nefarious pilots bailed from his plane, leaving it to crash.

The vintage cap is screen matched to the one worn inside the plane, and is made of leather, with a chin strap and wool trim. The 137 cm (54')-long creme coloured scarf is made of a soft, synthetic material with frayed edges on either side. Also included is a metal-framed photograph and handwritten, signed note from Spielberg offering a memento of his time on set with Mitamura. The lot shows minor wear due to production use, but remains in good condition. Cap dimensions: 23 cm x 28 cm x 5 cm (9" x 11" x 2"); scarf dimensions (folded): 20 cm x 15 cm x 3 cm (8" x 6" x 1"); framed note dimensions: 35 cm x 41 cm x 3 cm (13 3/4" x 16" x 1")

£2,000 - 3,000

Item size - 15.0" x 17.0" x 16.0" (38.1cm x 43.18cm x 40.64cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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