Independence Day: Resurgence

Limited Edition Replica Moon Tug Miniature

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"That's… definitely bigger than the last one."

A limited edition model "Moon Tug" from the Roland Emmerich blockbuster sequel Independence Day: Resurgence.

Twenty years have passed since the failed invasion of Earth by an alien armada. Using the technology recovered from their ships, humanity has become more advanced than they could ever imagine. But on the 20th anniversary of the invasion, a new threat arrives from space to try and bring the human race down for good.

This model is of one of the film's Moon Tugs, large forklift-like vehicles operated by Jake Morrison (Liam Hemsworth) and members of the Earth Space Defense on the moon. The piece is made of resin, and each of the components comes pre-painted to accurately replicate the appearance of the vehicles in the film. The base features the film's title artwork, with an acrylic case to ensure the piece stays looking good on your shelf.

The model has some assembly required, with superglue included to allow you to construct the piece.

Materials: Resin, Plastic, Wood, Card, Ferrous Metals.

Please note: Your item may differ slightly from the item pictured.

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