Hunger, The

Shooting Script

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A shooting script used in the production of Tony Scott’s cult horror film The Hunger, starring Susan Sarandon and David Bowie. This particular script was used by a member of the film’s camera crew, with a range of printed and hand-written notes present throughout.

Bound in black card with split pins, this production-used script is dated 2nd February 1982 with credit to James Costigan (script) and Whitley Strieber (novel). Phone numbers and other notes have been written on the cover page. There are 115 pages of script printed single-sided on A4 paper within, with the final pages including the controversial studio-requested ending. Various pages are printed on pink and yellow pages indicating revisions during shooting, with revisions running to 26th April 1982. Folded pages indicate scenes that had been filmed.

The script shows signs of wear, with some light creases around the edges and rust stains from rusting to the split pins. However, in spite of this wear, the script otherwise remains in good condition.

Item size - 12.01" x 8.66" x 0.39" (30.5cm x 22cm x 1cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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