Hot Shots Part Deux

Topper Harley's (Charlie Sheen) Thumb And Hand

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Topper Harley’s (Charlie Sheen) hand/forearm with controls from the 1993 comedy sequel Hot Shots! Part Deux. The hand, which can be screen matched by the veins present, can be seen toward the beginning of the film. As Topper is boarding a plane to begin his rescue mission, he extends a thumbs up out the doorway, but the door promptly shuts, smashing his hand in the process.

The separate hand and forearm pieces are each made of foam rubber and mounted on an interior metal rod. The rod then connects at to a metal joint wrapped in foam with a plastic wearable shoulder piece connected to resemble an actual arm. The interior rod contains two cables on the inside which run from the hand all the way to a control stick that when rotated, also rotates the hand, in the static, thumbs up position. This piece measures approximately 23” x 10” (58cm x 25cm) with the cables extending out another 108” (274cm) to the control stick. The paint on the hand has become somewhat faded but overall, this piece remains in very good condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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