Heroes (TV)

Isaac Mendez's (Santiago Cabrera) Props and Precognitive Painting Of Niki and Jessica Sanders

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A collection of Isaac Mendez's (Santiago Cabrera) props and his prophetic artwork of Niki and Jessica Sanders (Ali Larter) from the sci-fi fantasy series Heroes. This collection consists of a cordless phone covered in multicolor paint splotches from the episode ‘Hiros’ (105), a hardback copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes with a hidden compartment containing wood matches and faux heroin from the episode ‘Parasite’ (118), and artwork depicting Niki and Jessica Sanders. The artwork hangs in The Linderman Archives in the episode ‘.07%’ (119). The artwork, based on the Tim Sale original, was blown up by production, printed on canvas, and stretched on a frame. This collection is in very good, production-used condition overall with some intentional aging.

In season one, Isaac uses his special ability of precognition to paint Niki splitting into her alternate personality, Jessica. This printed canvas depicts half of both Jessica and Niki’s faces, rendered in a graphic novel-style.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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