Haunted Honeymoon

Larry Abbot (Gene Wilder) Licence Plate and Paperwork

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A licence plate and production paperwork from Gene Wilder’s horror comedy Haunted Honeymoon. Driven to madness by on-air panic attacks and speech impediments after proposing to the love of his life, radio performer Larry Abbot (Gene Wilder) and his wife-to-be Vicki Pearle (Gilda Radner) travel to Abbot’s ancestral home to plan their wedding. Little do they know, a plan to scare the stutter out of Larry will soon turn sinister, as their radio play becomes reality!

This number plate and others like it were used on the rear of Larry’s 1936 Buick car. The plate, made of stamped metal, features the number 7G8375, with “New York World’s Fair 1939” stamped below. The plate is finished in black with yellow for the raised lettering. Accompanying the piece are a series of documents from the construction of the film’s licence plates, including four regional licence plate specification sheets, a letter detailing the layout of number plates from the New York DMV, and printed artwork showing the designs for the plates, with the four sets required for the film – including the plate in this set – listed below. The plate is labelled “Larry’s Car (Buick) Haunted Honeymoon” on the rear.

Displaying only minor wear from use including minor dents to the plate and marks to the paperwork from folding and storage, the set remains in very good condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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