Happy Days (Television Series)

Cast Signed Production Used Script, Crew Jacket, Production Photographs & Signed Postcard

Stock #13296

A production used signed script, two production photographs, signed postcard and crew jacket from the set of the 70’s-80’s feel good television series Happy Days. The 250th episode script for Welcome Home: Parts I & II is signed by numerous members of the 1983 cast including Henry Winkler (“Fonzie”), Ron Howard (“Richie”), Erin Moran (“Joanie”), Anson Williams (“Potsie”), Tom Bosley (“Howard”) and Lynda Goodfriend (“Lori Beth”), the cast have dedicated their heartfelt messages to an ‘Oda’, the script is 77 pages long and printed on A4 yellow paper. The signed postcard has three signatures including Al Molinaro (“Al”) and Ted McGinley (“Roger Phillips). The two duplicate production photographs show the series cast in the studio, measures 25cm x 20cm. The red jacket has the ‘Happy Days’ logo on the back in white and ‘Oda’ embroidered on the chest in black. Size ‘S’

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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