Golden Compass, The

Tony Costa (Steve Loton) Arrow

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”Lyra. Dust is none of your business. Now you try and behave.”

Tony Costa’s (Steve Loton) arrow from Chris Weitz’ 2007 fantasy adventure The Golden Compass.

Based on Philip Pullman’s novel Northern Lights, the film tells the story of a parallel universe where a person’s soul is tied to transforming animal companions known as dæmons.

Tony fired his arrows at Lyra’s (Dakota Blue Richards) Gobbler captors (David Garrick, Brian Nickels) as they attempted to restrain her with a heavy net during the film’s midway sequences.

Made from lightweight wooden dowels, the arrow is a darker brown in colour and has been painted with Native American-style markings below the fletching. The fletching is made from matching white, silver and yellow synthetic material styled to resemble feathers. A hard rubber point completes the arrow, painted black and silver to look like metal. Arrows like this would have been used for non-contact action sequences.

Some marks and wear are present on the arrow tip, with very minor scuffing to the shaft. The piece remains in overall very good condition.

Materials: Wood, Man-Man Woven Fibres, Rubber.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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