Lot # 309 - Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction - Maximus' (Russell Crowe) Screen-matched General Armour

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Maximus' (Russell Crowe) screen-matched general armour from

Ridley Scott's Academy Award-winning historical drama Gladiator. Maximus wore his Roman general armour while leading the army of Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) in a final battle against the barbarian tribes of Germania.

This screen-matched body armour consists of a two-piece cast foam-rubber breastplate comprising front and back sections connected by six leather straps, with metal details on the sides and shoulders, as well as a leather interior. It features several decorative details on the exterior, including a pair of silver-painted griffins and a wolf, as well as eight leather pteruges with metal details affixed to the waist of the front section, and two pairs of leather laces on the upper torso, which were used to secure shoulder armor. The back section features a pair of metal fasteners and "#1" written on the interior. The body armour screen-matches to a shot of Crowe riding a horse, based on air-bubble flaws in the casting and the specific paintwork.

This costume also features a resin general helmet with a silver-painted wolf detail, a leather interior and a black plume on the top, made of synthetic hair. The hair plume is not original and has been added to complete the display. The armour components are accompanied by a brown woollen tunic with a cloth interior labelled "MAX under armour"; a pair of brown woollen trousers with leather straps labelled "MAX 1" on the interior; and a brown woollen cape with a leather strap affixed at the neckline. After the film's opening battle, Maximus wore these under-layers without the armour in several scenes, including his fight with the Praetorian guards; the tunic features a cut on the arm from this sequence.

The armour and helmet come with a custom-made black wood-and-metal display stand. The armor features some production-wear throughout, including some paint cracking, chipping on the shoulders, and a series of pins inserted on the interior near the pteruges. There is also a large cut on the back for either ventilation or a harness.

In addition to winning an Academy Award for Best Picture, Russell Crowe won Best Actor for his performance as Maximus, Janty Yates won Best Costume Design, and Ridley Scott was nominated as Best Director. This costume piece therefore intersects several award-winning categories.

£20,000 - 30,000 Ω

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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