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"Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?"

A sword carried by a Roman infantry officer in Ridley Scott's Academy Award winning epic Gladiator. Betrayed by his Emperor's son Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) and sold into slavery, Roman general Maximus (Russell Crowe) finds his calling in the arena as a gladiator. But when a festival of games begins in Commodus' honour, Maximus returns to Rome with thoughts of revenge for his lost Emperor and family.

This gladius and others like it were used by the infantry officers fighting under General Maximus in the forests of Germania. Made of rubber with a metal armature for stability and rigidity, the blade has been given a worn steel finish while the guard, grip and pommel are painted in a brown wood finish. The sword guard has a band into which is carved "SPQR" while the pommel has a floral decoration at its head and the guard has a winged head device. The blade remains straight and level with the grip.

The sword has lost some of its finish through use on the production and time spent in storage but remains in an overall good production-used condition.

Materials: Rubber, Ferrous Metals.

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Item size - 29.92" x 3.94" x 2.36" (76cm x 10cm x 6cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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