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Jace Turner's Morlock Siege and Argument with Paula Costumes

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Scene Reference: Jace Turner, the disgraced Sentinel Services agent and burgeoning leader of the anti-mutant hate group the Purifiers, wore various costumes throughout Season 2, including when he wore his suit during an argument with his wife, Paula, about Jace's obsession with mutants, and later, in the episode "CalaMity" (214) when he wore his plaid costume during the Purifiers' siege of the Morlock tunnels under Washington D.C.


Materials: Wool blend


Materials: Wool blend

Tags & Markings: Marked "FOX"

Blue Button-up Shirt

Materials: Cotton

Tags & Markings: Marked "JACE"


Materials: Silk


Materials: Leather


Materials: Vinyl

Plaid Shirt

Materials: Cotton blend


Materials: Cotton blend

Cargo Pants

Materials: Cotton blend

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