Get Smart, Again (T.V. Movie 1989)

Hymie (Dick Gautier) and Larabee's (Robert Karvelas) United States Intelligence Agency ID Badges

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Hymie’s (Dick Gaultier) and Larrabee’s (Robert Karvelas) United States Intelligence Agency ID badges from Get Smart, Again!. These laminated paper badges feature photos of Gaultier and Karvelas in character, their clearance level ‘C-1’, character signature and typewritten name on front. ‘TOP CLEARANCE’ is printed across the front in bold red letters. One is signed ‘Hymie’ in black; the other is signed ‘Larrabee Biyj’ [sic] in red. The ID badges are in excellent, production-used, vintage condition overall.

In the TV movie sequel to the spy sitcom series Get Smart (1965), the agents wear their badges in USIA headquarters when the commander brings them in to reactivate CONTROL.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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