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Storm Shadow's (Byung-Hun Lee) stunt sword set from the action packed 2013 sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation. When the Joes, led by Roadblock (Dwayne Johnson), are framed as traitors by Zartan, a COBRA affiliate acting as President of the United States, they must join forces with General Joe Colton (Bruce Willis) to stop COBRA Commander from launching advanced missiles at cities all over the world.

Storm Shadow can be seen carrying sheathed swords on his back throughout the film, a Katana (the longer) and a Wakizashi (the shorter). These swords would have been used in the sword fight sequence between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes.

These Katana and Wakizashi-style swords are crafted of dense rubber. Each blade has been painted silver to mimic hardened steel. The grip is painted white to represent cord wrapped tightly around the handle. The Tsuba, or hand guard, is silver with six notches around the edge and black detailing around the blade. The blade features red tape shaped into the emblem of the Arashikage clan, and two deep fuller grooves. The Wakizashi stunt blade is complete while the Katana stunt blade remains incomplete with a missing tip.

This set shows wear from production use and age, but remains in good overall condition.

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